we can - because we care!


We are a CHARITY for destitute babies in South Africa.

we work alongside:  state prisons,

state hospitals

 and local orphanages.


Our LEI Trust Fund is a South African government registered humanitarian trust with N.P.O status. Our mother website is as follows:  

 We ask for the following to be donated to LEI - ABK project:  Booties, Hats, scarfs, singlet vests, soft woolie toys, leggings, jerseys (sweaters), layettes, jackets and baby blankets. 

We are also open to receive diapers and baby creams etc. (whatever you feel you can share with us).

We are based in Pretoria, South Africa. 

For all those wanting to send donated parcels to these precious little ones, the address is as follows:

Mrs Roslynn Sinclair 
Charity only - No retail value 
P. O. Box 4749 
Rietvallei Rand 
South Africa


 We also work alongside local adoption agencies, other NPO's and various orphanages in South Africa and Lesotho in order to clothe and bless abandoned/destitute babies and toddlers. 


Thank you for your consideration 

into the lives of all destitute babies in South Africa.

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